Home Barista

SABA offers an Espresso Technique Class or Coffee Brewing Technique Class for the individual that seeks more knowledge in coffee preparation for home or for those working in the industry who want to enhance their skills .

The classes available are:

• Home Barista 
• Fundamentals of Coffee Brewing Methods 
• Sensory skills and Coffee Class 


Home Barista Classes

Home Barista

Three Hour Course - $195.00

Espresso Preparation Technique – Developing great techniques for dosing, distributing and tamping

Quality Evaluation – We correlate the visual appearance of an espresso extraction with its taste

Extraction Theory – Brewing parameter adjustments

Espresso Recipes – We measure dose weights, beverage weights and extraction parameter adjustments. How, when, and why to adjust.

Milk Steaming – Introduction to these vital concepts

Cleaning and Maintenance – How and what to clean on your espresso machine and grinder

Recommendation on home espresso equipment is offered to enhance your class experience.

Fundamentals of
Coffee BrewingMethods

Two Hour Course - $130.00

Coffee Brewing Theory – Explore the effects of grind size, water temperature, and brewing recipe examine extraction results. By weighing in the coffee and the correct water ratio we create your family recipe. Coffee tasting and Pallet training.

The methods

  • Pour Over 

  • French Press  

  • Air Press 

  • Chemex 

  • Syphon 

  • Electric Brewers

  • Cold Brew

Sensory Skills & Coffee 

Brewing Theory – Explore the effects of grind size; water temperature and brewing recipe examine extraction results. Coffee tasting and Pallet training

Palette Training – Using chemical solutions and brewing coffee examples, explore how we experience the four big tastes; bitter, sweet, salt, sour

Coffee Tasting – We will learn how to evaluate coffee in a traditional cupping or filter coffee tasting format

Coffee Taster Wheel – We start building our sensory memory in relation to coffee

Coffee Knowledge – in the coffee supply chain all the way through the farmer, mill, and brewing

Class Schedule

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